Kyle Gere

Kyle Gere

Direct: 602.695.5260

Kyle was born in California and raised as a Phoenician. In his youth, he moved over a dozen times throughout the Phoenix Metro Area, acquainting him well with different parts of the Valley. An entrepreneur at heart, Kyle attended college at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in both Management and Marketing.

Since 2015, Kyle has been involved in real estate transactions in both Arizona and in Michigan, managing a portfolio of properties within the Medical Marijuana markets. His vast experience ranges from collaborating with architects, attorneys, sellers and buyers, lobbyists, along with governing bureaus in the commercial/industrial sector. Kyle successfully helped locate, negotiate, and close on several commercial properties that were licensed by the city for a medical marijuana dispensary, cultivation, and laboratory testing facilities. He is eager to transition his expertise from a business professional mindset into the residential markets.

He brings a refreshingly professional personality to the table when dealing with his clients. Inspired by modern and innovative architectural design, Kyle binges endless Architectural Digest, alongside his guilty pleasure: Selling Sunset. Kyle has a passion for Architecturally Unique Homes™ and the challenges that accompany them.

In his spare time, if he isn’t out hiking some of his favorite secluded trails or fly fishing in the Salt River, you can find Kyle investing in the stock market or playing with his dog, Kali.