Boardwalk Condominiums

General Information

  • Area: Arcadia
  • Architecture: Alfred Newman Beadle
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Iconic design by Alfred Newman Beadle. Originaly designed as garden apartments, these remain a signature examle of Beadle’s work.

Boardwalk was named in reference to the board-built entry and paths, most of which has been replaced, much now in steel. Each unit faces the garden path entry.

ABOUT THE BOARDWALK: These highly coveted mid-century design originally built as garden apartments, remains a consummate example of Beadle’s legacy. With each unit facing a garden path entry, simple post and beam construction and walls of glass, Beadle laid the groundwork for lasting and timeless architecture. Always rare to the market and practically impervious to market conditions, units do not last long. Location, iconic design, forward thinking and scarcity all factor in to the equation.