Taliesin Architects- Focus House at Taliesin Gates

General Information

  • Area: 108th Street & Cactus
  • Architecture: Taliesin Architects
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Taliesin Architects – the Focus House at Taliesin Gates represented a crowning design for one of the most recognized and talented architectural groups in the world. Built as a showcase for the talents of the firm and principally designed by Taliesin Fellow, William Wesley Peters, this home is the result of a lifetime of intimate study at the side of Frank Lloyd Wright. From the innovative textural walls to the beautifully executed Philippine Mahogany wood paneling and details

This home originally included much of the Frank lloyd Wright designed edition crafted furniture, many of which were created specifically to be showcased in this home.

Originally Taliesin Gates, this subdivision was to showcase only FLLW archive and Taliesin Architect homes. A victim of timing, the subdivision later sold and was opened up to all designs.