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Fall Pledge Drive

Fall Pledge Drive

I’ve been thinking that all of us who love architecture and design should do something to raise awareness. You know, like a race, or a raffle. But then, in the best tradition of fall, it’s time for… A PLEDGE DRIVE!

So that’s it. I’m officially kicking off the Fall Architecture Pledge drive for KJNJ and it goes like this:

“You’re listening to KJNJ and we are in the midst of our Fall Pledge drive to support design and architecture. Right now we have something for the first 100 callers… Ken, tell everyone about the challenge”

“That’s right Bob, If you’re one of the next 100 callers to show your support for design and architecture in Arizona, call now. And if you do, you’ll get not only the DUKE Scottsdale commemorative tote bag…

“Wow, excuse me Ken, but now there’s a collectors item that can be used all year long!”

“Right Bob, you’ll get the tote bag PLUS the full collection of Jarson & Jarson bumper stickers!”

“The whole lot?”

“That’s right Bob, slogans you know and love, like; ‘Save the Desert, Hire an Architect’, and ‘Life’s Better in a Beadle’ and my personal favorite, ‘Honk if you love Haver Houses’…”

“And the rest?”

“Sure even the rare ones like ‘Warning: this car brakes for great architecture’, and ‘Buckminster Fuller was Right’, and the one we never see, ‘My other home is a Usonian Automatic’!”

“What does that mean, Ken”?

“Ha, ha, well Bob, I really have no idea, but I do know that everyone here at KJNJ LOVES great architecture and we know that you, our listeners, will love to support great design this month and all year long.”

“Ken, I can’t think of a better way to show support than one of those babies on the back of your Prius or my MINI! Now before we get back to the show, we are making the plea to all of you out there. If you love listening to ‘Arch-Talk’ on Saturday mornings, if you love the ‘Splendid Naguchi Table’ on Sundays, or if you are just a fan of great design, historic and modern architecture, then please, won’t you show your support?

“Well said Bob, call in now and pledge your support for great architecture!”

Thankfully, there really isn’t a pledge drive (maybe in the Spring), but I will leave you with this thought. Our community has been hit hard economically and emotionally. Maybe it’s time we just take a moment and appreciate what we have, a great legacy of architects and designers, a small but wonderfully diverse collection of architect-designed houses that rivals most anywhere, and a geography and location that has inspired brilliant ideas. Go ahead, hug your architect, artist or designer, then tell a friend to tune into KJNJ where you can find us every day, 365, 24/7 at:, and no pledge drive either… and oh, THANK YOU for listening!