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Restaurant FnB

Restaurant FnB

We were able to shine a short spotlight on Restaurant FnB in the last issue of Defining Desert Living. The full story is very interesting: a successful re-use of what is some very special space. It could not be put to better use:

When Architect T. S. Montgomery designed Craftsman Court in 1955 a restaurant was never intended for the space. The complex originally housed demonstration craft studios, art galleries and architect’s offices.
Today you’ll find there’s still art going on there…Culinary Art. Restaurant FnB now occupies what once was a working glass studio. Restaurant FnB in an art studio? It’s a fitting home for an owner and chef who’s attention for detail, ingredients and flavors elevate food to ART.
Pavle Milic and co-owner Chef Charleen Badman have built FnB into a clearly recognized force in cuisine. So when Pavle looked for a new space, it had to reflect a certain craft sensibility as well as more than a hint of urban-chic.
By serendipity Milic parked across the street at Cartel Coffee and saw the sign. Upon walking into the building he was taken by the height and tall opening windows. “It was special…It has what I’d call nice quirks… a personality.”

“You have to remember that I come from New York City” Milic shared. “ I had previously seen the space as coffee house and always liked this unusual edifice. “The height and volume of space was really interesting. To be able to find something in Scottsdale that couples character and history was irresistible.”
One of the original design functions of Craftsman Court, or the Kiva Center as it’s now known, was to take you off the street and immerse you in a world of design. How would that function for a restaurant we wondered?
“It’s a little hidden, but in it’s own way it has great exposure” he mentioned.   The Courtyard with outdoor seating was a bonus. “It’s lined with palm trees, so there’s shade and comfort, but it’s not on street, no headlights or car fumes to disturb the experience.”

Pavle likes the fact that although it’s in an epicenter of Scottsdale, the location is a bit of a surprise, offering a stunning and romantic view. “It’s almost a time capsule” he said, “a suspension of reality.”
Which is exactly how we feel after finishing one of their great meals with their signature Butterscotch Pudding!