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All You Can Eat A/C: Summer Desert Living for $1.00/day!

All You Can Eat A/C: Summer Desert Living for $1.00/day!

The jaws of our Arizona Summer are here. Is it possible to beat the heat in style for less than $1.00 a day? Find out...

Here we are again thrust into the jaws of a typical Arizona Summer. The time where most of us question the efficiency of ANYTHING related to living in our desert. The time where most of us discard a sensible “less is more” approach and look for the lowest temperatures delivered by the highest tonnage A/C available and at almost any cost!

It doesn’t have to be this way. We proudly represent VALI Homes, the preeminent builder of high-quality, high efficiency homes in Arizona. Recently one of the principals in their firm, Austin Trautman, is on a mission to chart just how efficient a VALI home can be. The results will blow your mind!   Check it out:

“We’ve been testing the efficiency of our current house at different interior temperatures. The low energy days in early May were with the A/C off and the house holding 75 or lower with no A/C and daytime temps into the low 90’s on some days.

We then put the A/C to 72 to see what it took to hold that temp (it feels quite cold in there). That cost a total of 40-80 cents a day with the fresh air supply on 24 hours!

Just to push it harder we set the thermostat to 68 and the outside highs have been well over 100. That is outside of the ability of most homes no matter what the energy use and also well beyond the design parameters for new “high performance” homes.  Our home is holding that temp without breaking much of a sweat and on only $1/day!”

This is truly remarkable. For what most people achieve only with fans and evaporative coolers, VALI gets in a no-compromise, fully featured, modern home. Their mission to deliver intelligently designed houses is wonderfully illustrated by these impressive stats.

We really put it to the test holding an open house on a 118F degree weekend (complete with open front door and the body heat of dozens of visitors)! Want to see it to believe it? You can stay here!