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Home Improvement: Ideas to Consider When Planning Your Next Patio Design

Home Improvement: Ideas to Consider When Planning Your Next Patio Design

Planning a patio remodel or construction can be overwhelming and even a little stressful, there are a lot of things to keep in mind and things to consider. However, planning your next patio design can also be extremely exciting and enjoyable as well. If you aren’t familiar with patio designs or don’t have any idea of what you want to do with your next patio, below are a few ideas to consider as you plan for your new addition to your yard.

Creative Patio Inspiration
Creating a patio that is different from the standard, mundane patio can be extremely thrilling. As homeowners are becoming more dependent on social media and apps like Pinterest and Instagram, people are beginning to become more creative with their home designs, both indoors and outdoors. In fact, patio designs are beginning to become more creative as people are posting their creatively designed patio online for others to see. Here are some creative patio ideas to inspire you as you plan:

Install a Firepit
Installing a firepit can instantly make your patio a more enjoyable place to be and look at. Firepits can add a layer of luxury to your otherwise simple patio by adding something else besides a table and chairs. Firepits come in a variety of styles and designs, ranging from high end to very inexpensive. installing a firepit can be done on your own with the right materials, making it a fairly easy process as you re-design the rest of your patio. A deck builder in Cherry Hill pointed out the increasing popularity of fire pits on decks and patios, adding some of the recent popular design trends, “Depending on the firepit design you select you can give your deck a variety of different looks, such as classic, eclectic, modern, or rustic. They [firepits] also can give your deck or patio a certain feel when turned on at night; perhaps a feeling of ease and comfort.” Firepits are also practical additions to a patio because they are usable all year round, adding an attractive aesthetic to your space no matter the season.

Invest in a Pool or Hot Tub
If you enjoy entertaining or simply being in your yard, installing a pool or hot tub could be a great addition to your patio design. Pools and hot tubs can make your patio an even more enjoyable place to be in the warm months. Pools and hot tubs should be installed professionally in order to avoid any leaks and water damage to your patio or home during the installation process. Pools and hot tubs are increasing in popularity because of the creative freedom they allow on a patio. Putting outdoor furniture on the perimeter of the pool or building a bench around the hot tub are some added ways to make your patio and pool/hot tub design even more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Create a Roof Garden
Roof gardens are exactly what they sound like. By creating a roof garden, small or large, you are making your outdoor design more attractive visually. Roof gardens are great decorative benefits to add to a yard, and creating one in close proximity to your patio will make your patio stand out. Roof gardens can be small, featuring a few lush green plants; or, they can be large, covering an entire side of a roof/growing up the side of a roof, with colorful and vibrant flowers. Both options will make your patio a beautiful asset to your yard.

Pick a Theme
This is an idea to consider before you begin building your new patio. Choosing a theme that is appropriate for your landscape and home is important. It’s a good idea to consider what kind of climate you live in, whether or not you have/want children and the location/size of your patio on your landscape. If you live in a climate that gets very little rain, it would be a good idea to install a roof garden near your patio that features plants that don’t need a lot of water. Or, if you have children, it’s advisable to make your patio child-friendly, like planning for a pool fence if you opt to install a pool.

If you are struggling to decide on a theme for your patio design, here are some up and coming patio trends popping up online:
●     Glass Walls- glass walls surround a part of your patio, allowing you to sit outside on your patio no matter the weather
●     Sun-Blocking- adding an architectural dimension to your patio with a full-width pergola that will provide shade to your patio; this is ideal for warm climate patios
●     Green Atmosphere- a patio that features a copious amount of plants and is surrounded by green roofs
●     Mediterranean Patio- Inspired by patios and outdoor bungalows in the Mediterranean, this patio style features sand-colored furniture, and tile/cement, as well as walls made of different colors and shapes of stone. This trend is most popular in warm climates that receive a lot of sun.

Install Tile
Installing tile is a popular trend in patio design. Tiles add an eclectic flair to patios because of the various designs, colors, and shapes that they come in. It’s important to choose a tile that features a slip-resistant surface and is suitable for outdoor use; a popular tile choice for patios is porcelain because it is durable and is non-porous.

Installing tile can instantly enhance the look of your patio; somethings to consider when installing tile on your new patio are:
●     How will this space be used? Will it be used for entertainment purposes?
●     What kind of climate am I installing this tile in?
●     How much of my patio/ yard do I want to be covered in tile?
●      What kind of theme/decor style am I trying to create?

Make Your Patio Your Outdoor Living Space
Personalizing your outdoor living space is important, and creating your dream patio can be a part of that. Staying up to date on new patio designs can be easy by looking at trends online and seeing what is popular. To start, keep these ideas in mind as you move forward in your new patio remodel design.

Photo Courtesy of Guest Blogger, Jennifer Bell.