The Bates Motel — AS-IS/FIXUP

12 Cabins, 12 Vacancies — Perfect Opportunity! Amazing investment in an up-and-coming neighborhood outside Fairvale, CA! Located just out of the way from Palm Springs on the I-10 before heading into Los Angeles, this is one of the most desirable places to leave your imprint upon.

Built in 1948 by first owner Norma Bates on the existing lower parcel of land below her manor. Twelve cabins, plus front and back office, encompass the motel. This motel is a true survivor with all original Mid-Century appliances and fixtures. For a discerning clientele, it’s perfect for the Airbnb crowd, rustic and charming, ready for Coachella! Otherwise, it needs a slight freshening up to make bright and Modern! Other than the odd hole in the back of the main office looking into Cabin One, the structure of the motel is remarkably intact.

Establishment has stayed under the same family name for more than one half-century! Also included in sale: Norma’s son, Norman has graciously offered to stay on to oversee any and all renovation prospects! Your gains, his pleasure! Ain’t nothing but a family thing! Taxidermy in cabins and back office convey! Nearby swamp included in deed! Perfect for sinking a car! Do not disturb occupant in main house! Mother is always watching

NOTE: This Exclusive Listing is offered for one day only and EXPIRES at midnight on 10/31, don’t miss out!