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Duck, Eggs and Fish: Martin Fan Cheng

Duck, Eggs and Fish: Martin Fan Cheng

Phoenix Art Museum

Art of Asia Gallery

1625 N. Central Avenue

Phoenix, AZ, 85004

Saturday, April 30, 2016 thru Sunday, November 6, 2016


Throughout his career, contemporary Chinese-American artist Martin Fan Cheng has persisted in his quest to “to paint the real world as we see it.” Cheng’s work is influenced by fishing, one of his beloved hobbies, through which he became intrigued by the glistening presence of fish. More recently, he has produced a series showing fish in their natural habitat, reflecting the Chinese painting tradition of depicting the beauty of the natural world. Along with his interest in the natural world, his work also alludes to the significance of food as a Chinese cultural obsession, and focuses on fish and other food in a life-size or larger format.