General Information

  • Square Footage: 0.5 SQ Feet +_
  • Bedrooms: 1 Bedroom Loft
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Garage: Sleigh Parking
  • Area: North Pole
  • Lot Size: Urban Live Work Condo
  • Age: Recently completed!
  • Architecture: Modern Architecture/ Local Talent
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Status:  Sold


Meet House/GB: This modern interpretation of the traditional Pepparkaker Lebkuchen Haus is downright edible! Located near the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, the desert setting makes this home a real treat!

Having roots in the Black Forest region, the style was adopted by early members of the Bauhaus, embracing it for its straightforward approach to construction, traditional materials and simple geometry which traces back to the peasant roots, ideals that were highly prized by the Bauhaus.

The home features tilt-up, pre-formed Rammed-GB panels that are connected on site with self-hardening highly viscous glucose cement, left visible so as to express the connections. The pre-fab shell was delivered to the site for completion. Decoration is minimal, and the finishes are easily applied: yet removable.

The home is “green” as well, plus red, white and a smattering of other modernist primary colors. The panels are in fact edible and will decompose into the environment. Over consumption may lead to an increase in off-gassing, but this is controlled and offset by the seasonal nature of the home. In keeping with the eco-sensitive nature of the design, the landscape features edible plantings as well.

You’ll note the controlled lines, celebration of materials and the “hand-of-the-artist” craft ethic is clearly evident. The repetition of similar form, delicate massing and sustainable size makes it a winner. The house is completely off-the-grid and holds a self-contained energy source within most of the materials, easily converted by the user into personal energy.

It is at one with the desert setting being prized not only by the owners, but is also inviting to native desert dwellers, especially if left outside.

It should be noted that in addition to being published in Architectural Digestive, Sunset Recipes and EA (Edible Architecture) magazine, it was also featured in two recent books, “The Whole Calorie House” and “the not so big that you can’t eat it house” by Susan Susanka.

Design and construction of this home was overseen by many notable Valley architects, designers, artists and gallery owner. The design is suggestive of the “Dessert School” of Architecture prevalent in Arizona. The liability of the design was vetted by one of our personal attorneys, who set the cornerstone of the project and the insurance is fully underwritten. The home includes a significant Public Art component, and the design included input from members of the ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts (SALA), and the home was built under the watchful eye of the Scottsdale Green Building Program (those responsible for this know who you are!).

All we can say is that living with the house is “sweet” indeed! Call for a personal tour today before it’s gone!

UPDATE: Alas HOUSE/GB has been demolished. Thankfully all elements have been recycled. Check us out in December 2010 for next years build!


New Construction
Designed by noted architects, designers & artists
Fired, Rammed GB ( gingerbread) panelized system
Open Interiors, Loft-like floorplan
Historic Details and massing
Vaulted Ceilings
New Roof
Mid-Century Modern M&M designs
Abundance of glazing!
Sweet Views of Sugar Loaf Mountain
Designed with Scottsdale Green Building
Owner May Carry (out to your car!)


Scott Jarson – 480.254.7510

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