Stable Galleria

General Information

  • Square Footage: 10913 SF(+-) Leasable Space
  • Area: Scottsdale
  • Lot Size: 1.25+- Acre Site
  • Architecture: Unknown
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Status:  Off Market


The Stable Galleria is a collection of ten unique and one-of-a-kind residential style office suites that anchor a historically significant arts area in Scottsdale near the town of Paradise Valley border.

The property is currently zoned R1-43 with a special use permit which allows the limited commercial use.

There is 10913 SF(+-) Leasable space that currently leases at a rate of $14,000(+-)/month and currently 95% of the suites are occupied. The site is approximately 1.25+ acres dominating a prime corner of the City. The Location is surrounded by unique homes and office and it is adjacent to the Arizona Canal.

The property has been expanded from it’s 1920’s origins to include several residential style offices and freestanding suites, all in southwestern adobe ranch style. It’s early use as a residence and Art’s colony/gallery have added to the mystique and charm of this convenient and signature office location. the property and drives are paved in natural materials and the fencing, landscape and details are all compliant with an historic look and feel.

The Stable Galleria offers one of the the most creative work environments in the Valley. With a collection of ten office suites and five buildings, many freestanding, each office offer a unique design and character that reflect the historic adobe “Ranch-Style” history of this unique property.

The adjacent lot just north has enjoyed a special campus overlay designation from City of Scottsdale since 1995. There is no record on file of any historical designation for the Stable Galleria Lot, but the Historic recognition from the City on the original 1920‘s adobe home may protect some of the existing buildings from demolition and any kind of modification to them would need to adhere to the historical integrity of architecture.

Some background and history: “Cattle Track” has long been one of the most creative addresses in the Valley. Originally bought and constructed by local builder George Ellis in the 1930’s the rich legacy started even then with a collection of unique Adobe and redwood residences that adorn the surrounds of the area.

Historically, this was an area that served as a trail head for a variety of users, not least was the annual cattle and sheep “round up” that brought these animals to old town Scottsdale. The proximity to the Arizona Canal was an important factor in this location’s desirability. Today the location still sits against the historic Pony Express “Hashknife Gang” annual route.

The “Cattletrack” area as it’s know today has been the address of choice for artists and designers that read like a hall of fame: The Ellis Family, Phillip C. Curtis Artist, Dee Flag Artist /Sculptor, Bennie Gonzales architect, Fritz Scholder Artist, and Nancy Kitchell, Designer, to name just a few.

The Stable Gallery started as an arts destination and gallery long before it’s annexation in to the then young Town of Scottsdale. Originally the 1920’s main home was built by Ellis for Beryl Simpson who was head of Tempe College’s Dramatic Arts School, now ASU. For a time it was inhabited by none other than Bank Leader turned Realtor, Russ Lyon. After the Lyon Family move, Avis Reed acquired the property where it began it’s significant life as a destination Gallery and Artist compound.


1920’s Adobe Home and Vintage Compound
10913 SF(+-) Leasable Space
Ten office suites and five buildings
1.25+- Acre Site
Currently Zoned R1-43
Special Use Permit
Unique Opportunity
Historically Recognized
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