azarchitecture/Jarson & Jarson is the only Real Estate firm in Arizona that specializes in the sales and marketing of Architecturally Unique Homes™ and often gets called on for their expertise. Here’s what’s in the news about the firm plus updates on valley architecture and design.

Raizing Arizona?

Valley owners of architecturally significant homes–masterpieces by greats such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Al Beadle and Will Bruder–face a daunting dilemma: preserve it or knock it down? Here are two very good reasons to take the road less traveled.

“These homes are little works of art indicating our place in time,” says realtor Scott Jarson, a longtime resident and specialist in Arizona’s architecturally significant properties. “They can’t be replicated. They represent a cherished time in Valley history when you could get a custom, architect-designed home without being a multimillionaire. And that’s really cool.”