azarchitecture/Jarson & Jarson is the only Real Estate firm in Arizona that specializes in the sales and marketing of Architecturally Unique Homes™ and often gets called on for their expertise. Here’s what’s in the news about the firm plus updates on valley architecture and design.

Real Modern

“Abandoning cookie-cutter, traditional home sales in sprawling suburbs, the Jarsons discovered their niche. ‘We found we enjoyed working with unique homes, from vintage ranch homes and historic adobes to cutting-edge modern designs,’ Debbie explains. The choice was a pioneering one for Valley real estate. At first, many in the local real estate industry jeered rather than cheered. ‘No one at the time liked modern designs or houses by pioneer architects like Haver, which were getting stuccoed over,’ Scott explains. The switch to architecturally unique homes, though, has paid off for the Jarsons. Now they hear cheers—in sales and salutes.”