APS Environmental Showcase Home

General Information

  • Area: 60th St and Greenway
  • Architecture: Eddie Jones/Jones Studio
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Award winning architecture by Jones Studio. ASU/APS Environmental Showcase Home. Originally designed as a cutting edge showcase featuring innovative and environmentally interesting materials, systems and concepts for APS, culminating as a highly successful marketing tool to gain community support for the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant Expansion.

A great showcase of ideas, it was later donated to the ASU Foundation who ran it open for tours and as a living lab. It has since sold privately, last known use as a church expansion/meeting place.

Highest quality design/materials/innovation: As a home, you are surrounded by superb architecture and an immensely satisfying palette of natural and reusable materials as well as state-of-the-art passive and active solar design. A very private setting internally, this home has an array of private spaces and the three car garage is currently outfitted with its own a/c and water line. Built at a cost that would astound you, this special living laboratory of efficiency showcased absolutely cutting edge material and design, much of which has become mainstream now. Interestingly, this home had charging stations installed for the venerable GM EV-1 electric vehicle.

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