CSH#8 Pacific Palisades

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  • Architecture: Modern Architecture/ Local Talent
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If it’s an icon of design you are looking for, this could be it. For those interested in design, you have to look no further than this steel-assembly home. Conceived with industrially sourced parts, it was proposed that the home they designed would be for a married couple working in design and graphic arts, whose children were no longer living at home. They wanted a home that would make no demands for itself, and would serve as a background for: “life in work” and with nature as a “shock absorber.”

Okay, so now you’ve guessed it: We’re talking about a home no other than that of Charles and Ray Eames! Take a moment to wish Charles a Happy Birthday (JUNE 17th) and make TODAY the day you join the Eames Foundation….

Be sure to visit this link: http://eamesfoundation.org/ and become a member today!

PS see the virtual tour to learn more…