Guirey Residence – Arizona Architecture Classic

General Information

  • Area: North Central Phoenix
  • Architecture: Fred Guirey FAIA
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There remain a handful of residences in the Valley that define a generation of Architects that shaped, influenced and defined how we choose to live in Arizona. The Guirey Residence is one of them.

Originally designed and conceived in the 1940’s, it grew with the Architect’s family and needs. Today, it remains a shining example of regional Modernism that has been untouched and unaltered by trend or fashion, maintaining a timeless elegance that clearly speaks to the place we live, the time and materials we used, and an ethic of scale, craft and detail virtually unobtainable today.

Mr. Guirey and his work signified an early generation of Architects who came to Arizona and were instrumental in creating a heritage of modern design that endures today. His design legacy is broad and unique, but is perhaps best represented in this home. Admired for decades by every Phoenician who has viewed it or simply passed by it, it remains THAT house that inspires dreams and interest to this day, a fitting testimony to the quiet horizontal line that echoes the site so effortlessly.

Rarely do we see a home as perfected and preserved as this one. Even rarer is the ease of living that you’ll find in it. The design and details defy time; the home would be as contemporary to live in today as it would have been in the 1950’s. The spaces are filled with perfectly filtered light that is carefully balanced with well-designed overhangs, trellis and thoughtful plantings The spaces are generous yet comforting, offering simple details like the large working kitchen, clever storage and woodwork that nears perfection.

This home was obtained by new owners in 2009