1930’s Historic Modern Church Remodel

General Information

  • Area: Historic Coronado Area
  • Architecture: Unknown
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Church of the Reformed Modernist? For those who worship design and architecture, could there be anything better than this historic church renovation? Cathedral-like ceilings (really!) 3 bedrooms plus den, and loft, palatial living-room and dining area, pro-gourmet kitchen, 2 car garage and a wealth of details, all in a superb historic neighborhood location.

Completely transformed, it is now a virtual compound of modern design: honed and polished vintage concrete floors, smooth sheen cast concrete counters and sinks, brilliant reflective glass walls, tiles and baths.

Originally constructed in the 1920’s and owned by one of Phoenix’s first Parks Directors, the home was subsequently donated by the original owner to be converted and modified in the mid 1940’s for use in the following decades as a Community Church. It even has some local history as a performance theatre.