Lein Residence – Ned Sawyer Architect

General Information

  • Area: Mummy Mountain Area, Paradise Valley
  • Architecture: Edward B. Sawyer Jr., Architect
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Architect Ned Sawyer worked closely with Arizona Modernist Al Beadle and went on to develop a signature modernist ethic of his own. Now coming into their own as the architectural statements that they are, his designs are garnering the respect they deserve.

The Lein residence in Paradise Valley was designed and built for two Architects (one President/Director of a major Art Museum and the other Assistant Director/Curator!), you can rest assured that this home was carefully designed for Art, Beauty and Nature.

Having hand selected the lot for its incredible view location, they chose Ned Sawyer to create a unique “Work of Art’ for them that would blend seamlessly into the lush hillside landscape. The original custom block is all intact and makes a special statement.