The USAarchitecture Live/Work/Sleep/Dream Machine

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  • Architecture: Darren Petrucci
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Unique interactive display

Featured here is the Live/Work/Sleep/Dream Machine that was designed for the CaBOOM Modernist show in Santa Monica. It is a one-of-a-kind, architect designed, CAD layout and CNC routed interactive furniture display, now destroyed.

It measured approximately ten feet in length and has four modular components. It’s design incorporates a bench with storage, a computer work station with “desk” top, integral niche for housing a projector, a reclined chaise lounge for resting and viewing mixed media such as projected photos, movies and games, and a tilted vertical end panel which houses a projection area for the images.

It was constructed out of precision fitted and cut high quality laminated oak faced plywood.

It has a natural oil finish. 10’ in length, and the width is 3’. Overall height to the top of the highest portion of the “screen panel” was 8’. It’s weight was about 250lbs. Check the Tour link for a movie of tis device in action!