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General Information

  • Area: Pinnacle Peak, Scottsdale Desert
  • Architecture: Clint Miller AIA
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Architect Clint Miller is often honored for his vision of homes designed in harmony with the landscape. This, the Architect’s former home, is no exception! Nestled into a beautiful desert lot in North Scottsdale, this home reflects a keen aesthetic and respect for materials, all incorporated into a design that lives fresh, modern and comfortable.

Expressing a strong relationship to the earth focusing on simple, natural beauty in a design style utilizing traditional “single use” techniques,  Miller used materials such as exposed adobe, natural finished woods and finished concrete to complete his vision – a subtle union of architecture, interior design and tasteful preservation of native terrain to form a “whole space”, acknowledging that this home functions together in harmony with the owner and the site.

Millers use of simple and timeless indigenous materials has consistently garnered recognition from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and recently Phoenix Home & Garden magazine honored Miller as a 2010 “Master of the Southwest”. Miller’s unique interpretation of traditional Southwest style was also recognized in an AIA Historical Preservation Exhibit in 2009 and featured in AIA Home Tours in 2000, 2009 and 2010