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Want Your Home Sold Fast?

Want Your Home Sold Fast?

Want your home sold fast?

Whether or not your home is architecturally unique, there are some unwritten rules that should be followed when listing your home for sale. Follow these 10 tips to learn how to be “THE PERFECT SELLER” and you’ll have a better chance of moving on sooner rather than later.

#1: Understand that the market will dictate your home value not the memories you made in it. As unfortunate as it is, a new buyer doesn’t care about your memories. They want to make their own. So, wrap them up and take them with you to your new place!

#2: Understand that the market is constantly changing. Your listing price could be perfect one month and too high the next simply because of a shift in the market.

#3: Understand that lots of people don’t want a project (unless they are investors and then they REALLY don’t care about those memories of yours). If you can visibly see an issue in your home, buyers can too. Fix it ASAP, or don’t be surprised when people ask for concessions regarding those items.

#4: Treat your agent as the market expert because that is what they are! They have more up to date information and can see more about the current status of a property than you can on Zillow. Communicate with them clearly and trust them to do their jobs.

#5: Make your pets disappear. Get rid of the cat condo, and put away the food/water bowls and beds. If you have a cat or dog, there is a good chance buyers can smell it whether you can or not. Many people are allergic to animals and can’t imagine ever living in a home where a pet has lived. It’s best to try to erase all traces of your pet during showings.

#6: Clean up your mess!! Toys, clutter, packed closets, etc. can turn off buyers. You want your home to look as clean and spacious as possible.

#7: Lock off anything valuable – medications, cash, jewelry. While we will do our best to protect you and your things, but thieves are crafty. Some are good enough to steal things from right under someone’s nose.

#8: Reduce or eliminate the amount of personal photos in your home. Of course your family is cute, but a buyer would rather picture themselves in your home instead of you!

#9: Make yourself scarce for showings. Buyers typically don’t want to come see your house while you are there. If you would feel more comfortable, you can request that your agent (or someone from their team) be present for showings.

#10: Invest in professional photos of your home. We cannot stress this enough! While the newest iPhone is impressive, it is still no substitute for a pro. A professional photographer will know exactly how to showcase the best angles of your home. Believe us when we tell you, it is worth the minimal charge. We think that this tip is so important that we actually have an amazing photographer on staff! Our photographer, Andrew Jarson, has an uncanny ability to photograph homes in a way that best captures the hearts and minds of our unique home buyers. Check out the listings on our website to see Andrews amazing work.

All in all, a little common sense goes a long way when listing your home. Just try to put yourself if the buyer’s shoes as you walk through your home and decide what to change and what to leave as is. You may just see things a bit differently when viewing if from someone else’s perspective. Good luck!