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1963 was a BIG year! It was the year that The Beatle’s released the first of eleven albums to reach #1 in the UK and effectively kicked off the frenzy that would come to be known around the world as “Beatlemania”. However, that very same year, the city of Phoenix was experiencing it’s own frenzy of sorts. While the rest of the world was reveling in “Beatlemania”, Phoenix was experiencing “Beadlemania”! The words may sound the same, but their origins are vastly different. While “Beatlemania” was caused by the British rock band whose sound would soon takeover most of the free world, “Beadlemania” was the result of the hard work of one local, architectural icon, Al Beadle. Amazingly, Beadle designed and/or built some of his most memorable work right here in the city of Phoenix over the span of one year – 1963!

Often considered to be Beadle’s most prolific year, 1963 brought about amazing spaces such as Three Fountains, The Boardwalk apartments, and Executive Towers. In addition, the initial marketing brochure for another Beadle project, Roman Roads, was released to the public. Even though the space wasn’t realized until 1964, the concept was indeed born during Beadlemania! Ironically, much like Roman Roads, the Beatle’s didn’t arrive in the US until 1964 either.

In addition to designing Roman Roads, and opening Three Fountains, The Boardwalk and Executive Towers, Beadle was also busy working on his own new home for his family of seven near 44th St and Camelback as well as a commercial property at 801 W Indian School Rd. during this time period. It is safe to say that he and John, Paul, George and Ringo were all very busy guys in 1963. Everyone knows how it turned out for The Beatle’s after 1963, so let’s take a look at how Beadle’s work from 1963 has faired over the years.

1963 Three Fountains Apartments, Phoenix  – Located at 4401 N. 40th St. in Phoenix, Three Fountains is a 59 unit complex with two-level, two bedroom spaces built in Al Beadle’s distinctive style. Each unit has it’s own “garden room”, and residents have two community pools to choose from on site. Three Fountains is still in high demand. In fact, azarchitecture/Jarson&Jarson Real Estate recently closed one of these units for the highest price ever obtained in this complex after being on the market for only one weekend!


1963 The Boardwalk Apartments, Phoenix – A total of 32, two bedroom units make up the Boardwalk which is located at 4225 N. 36th Street in Phoenix. Residents enter their homes through common spaces. Unlike Three Fountains, the patio’s at the back of the units are shared spaces and not private “garden rooms”. The front and back walls of each unit are glass. This leads to a rather fishbowl-like quality within the space. Much like Three Fountains, however, these units are still in high demand. They do not stay on the market long!


1963 Executive Towers, Phoenix  – At 22 stories high, Executive Towers was the tallest building in Phoenix when it was originally built. Located at 207 W Clarendon in Phoenix, these units were originally built as apartments, but were converted to condos in the early 70’s. In 2017, Executive Towers was added to the National Register of Historic Places. Once again, Executive Towers is still a bustling condominium with 2 and 3 bedroom units being bought and sold regularly. These are among the most affordable of the current Beadle properties on the market today.


1963 The Triad Apartments, Phoenix – Located at 4402 N. 28th Street in Phoenix, this is the only Arts & Architecture Case Study program project built outside of California. These superb apartment homes stand as the Case Study program’s most extensively realized multiple housing designs. “Triad Apartments,” recognized as one of architect Al Beadle’s best, is the complex that broke the mold of the conventional apartment. This unit provides two bedrooms along with a living room, kitchen and bath as well as a private outdoor patio. There are three units that share a central courtyard with a floating wood boardwalk. Per the Arts and Architecture case study program, it was thought that apartment vacancy would decrease if the apartments were designed well. It definitely worked for this particular property. These three units are regularly filled to capacity. If you happen to see one come up for lease, you better get your application in quickly!


1963 Roman Roads / Multi-Family Concept –  Located at 1613 E Maryland Avenue in Phoenix, these spaces were designed in the International Style Beadle for which Beadle is known. Each of the 2-3 bedroom residences boasts a small private swimming pool in it’s own 1200 square foot “atrium”. The marketing brochure for Roman Roads read, “Cleopatra herself, could be jealous of a Roman Roads resident”. Roman Roads was billed as a home that offered “comfort, conveniences, and elegance. Homeownership with the ability to travel the world.” ( And, of course, these condos are still considered the pinnacle of cool and are in high demand today!

We think this goes to show that while The Beatle’s remain popular today, so does Al Beadle! Be it “Beatlemania” or “Beadlemania”, the popularity of the characters that instigated the frenzy remains alive and well today. If you happen to live in a Beadle, we would love to hear your story and see your special home. Because, we agree that, much like that iconic band of the 60’s with a similar moniker, not much is cooler than a Beadle!

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