Modern Design

“In the late 1980s, Scottsdale Realtors Debbie and Scott Jarson riding high on the era’s real estate and building boom, but the couple began realizing there was something missing from their professional lives. ‘We were selling everything and anything,’ Scott recall, ‘including tract homes that were not sensitive to the desert. We had burnout and began thinking that we were part of the urban sprawl problem the Valley was experiencing.’ Design aficionados, the pair took a leap of faith and launched Jarson & Jarson in 1990, their firm devoted to selling interesting, architecturally unique homes.”

Midcentury Masterpieces

“Built in 1989, this recently restored 2,686-square-foot one-story is a site-sensitive ‘machine for the desert,’ explains Scott Jarson, co-principal of azarchitecture/Jarson & Jarson Real Estate. Hence, abundant natural light flows inside without increasing heat, even with the architect’s pioneering use of extensive glazing in the Valley. Beadle designed and built homes exemplifying indoor-outdoor living long before the concept became colloquial in Arizona. ‘This is an example of a master architect on top of his game, drawing together decades of experience in an effort that seems completely effortless.'”

New-condo sales soar 57 percent in Valley

Developers built thousands of metro Phoenix condominiums over the past few years. No one was sure how quickly they would sell.

But buyers did come. New condo sales soared 57 percent last year, according to The Arizona Republic/ Street Scout Home Values report.

Pricier new condos

The El Dorado on 1st in downtown Scottsdale’s art district, designed by award-winning architect Will Bruder, with condos priced above $1.5 million, southeast corner of First Street and El Dorado Lane.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: the condos are named Eldorado on 1st and they are located on the southeast corner of East 1st Street and North 69th Street; 69th Street had been called Eldorado years before. See Images Arizona article for more information.

Real Modern

“Abandoning cookie-cutter, traditional home sales in sprawling suburbs, the Jarsons discovered their niche. ‘We found we enjoyed working with unique homes, from vintage ranch homes and historic adobes to cutting-edge modern designs,’ Debbie explains. The choice was a pioneering one for Valley real estate. At first, many in the local real estate industry jeered rather than cheered. ‘No one at the time liked modern designs or houses by pioneer architects like Haver, which were getting stuccoed over,’ Scott explains. The switch to architecturally unique homes, though, has paid off for the Jarsons. Now they hear cheers—in sales and salutes.”

2 Arizona Projects Focused On Energy Efficiency

‘Because of its eco-efficiencies, a new boutique luxury residential development in Scottsdale is being recognized by the city as a green building. Eldorado on 1st, which opened in late 2017 in the arts district, consists of seven units outfitted with elements like Nest thermostats, LED light fixtures and smart-technology recirculating water pumps that “learn” a resident’s hot-water usage, scheduling operations accordingly.”

Eldorado on 1st

“Designed by renowned Phoenix architect Will Bruder. Eldorado on 1st is the latest and most exclusive development to hit Scottsdale’s Main Street Arts District. Made with the highest-quality materials, the multileveled homes are designed poetically, in true Bruder fashion.”

Dramatic desert modern home asks $1.2M in Arizona

Another stunning example of desert modernism by architect William P. Bruder, FAIA, is on the market, this time in Cave Creek, Arizona, 27 miles northeast of Phoenix. Completed in 2005, the Pond House is so-named for its 5.67-acre riverbank site, where a sometimes swimming hole feeds a river, or stands still as a pond, or, in dry times, acts as “a rememberance of water.”

Meet Scott and Debbie Jarson

“Our real estate careers began in the mid 1980’s. I followed Debbie into the world of real estate sales and together we have a vibrant and serious career that included all aspects of the industry. We were always dedicated and quickly built a strong personal following as general sales agents. We achieved great success and recognition with a number of sales awards.

However, our passions always included an eye for design. At one point, we felt that we had to make a change in direction. I was beginning to feel bad about things: in dealing with basic builder homes we had become to feel that we were just ‘part of the problem’.”

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Gorgeous geometric desert home asks $1.8M in Arizona

Byrne Residence, one of the most featured works by Phoenix-based architect Will Bruder, has come on the market in Scottsdale. Originally completed in 1998, the geometric modern home has since undergone a complete four-year-long restoration and renovation with input from the architect himself.

Construction Complete

North American Development Group and the team at azarchitecture/Jarson & Jarson Real Estate, along with renowned local architect Will Bruder, announce the completion of Eldorado on 1st. The project consists of seven adjacent city homes located at 6901 E. First St. in Scottsdale. The three remaining luxury residences at the four-story project start at $1,739,000. A furnished model is now open for potential residents to experience the homes. Visit the Eldorado on 1st Sales Center at the offices of azarchitecture/Jarson & Jarson Real Estate, at 3707 N. Marshall Way, Unit 5.

Arizona Projects 10-20-17

North American Development Group and the team at azarchitecture/Jarson & Jarson Real Estate, along with Architect Will Bruder, have announced the completion of Eldorado on 1st, seven adjacent city homes located at 6901 East 1st Street in Scottsdale.

Eldorado on 1st completes construction

North American Development Group (NADG) and the team at AZarchitecture/Jarson & Jarson Real Estate, along with renowned local architect Will Bruder, announce the completion of Eldorado on 1st. The project consists of seven adjacent city homes located at 6901 East 1st Street in Scottsdale.